Sunday, August 2, 2009

What They Take With Them

I don't understand the allure of the RV. Aficionados claim it's the perfect getaway vehicle, but unless you're willing to tow a car behind you, you're limited to going to state parks and other rural places. It's not economical anymore either, given the price of gas. And if you lug a car, trailer, boat, bicycles, and hundreds of other things from home with you, then you're faced with the drudgery of unloading, setting up and packing up. RVs also come with a hefty price tag, and with that money you could go on a dozen very nice trips just about anywhere in the world.

We've been making a list this summer on our daily walks to Ellacoya State Park of the things people take with them in their RVs. Here's a partial list:

plastic lanterns
5-foot high plastic palm trees with mini lights
lawn chairs and rugs for the "front porch"
lawn ornaments
wooden signs with the family name inscribed on it
tablecloths for the picnic table
dining tents
outdoor lawn games
inflatable kiddie pools
barbecues (even though the park supplies them)

Can you help me understand the allure?


Gail Goyette said...

We did the RV thing for 9 years...had none of the items on your list but only stayed at Ellacoya once. Are they a requisite??? The allure was always having clean sheets and our own potty no matter where we went...never staying with the mother in law from Hades...never eating anything from a kitchen that had "consequences"...then we bought the condo and sold the sucker. It was good while it lasted.

P. A. Moed said...

Hi Gail! Ah, now it makes sense! Thanks for enlightening me.