Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Springs happens slowly and almost imperceptibly up north. First, the foot-thick sheath of ice on Lake Winnipesaukee starts to crack. Wider and wider patches of free flowing water start to appear near land at first and then in wider and wider arcs. As you can see from my photo shot this morning, the crack is widening. In about 2 weeks (mid-April I'd guess), we'll have "ice out"--the day when the SS Mount Washington, the pleasure cruise ship, can leave its mooring and head out for its first run of the season. By then, all the snow will be gone too--it's a lumpy mass at the end of our condo's parking lot and lingers in mounds in front of our decks. But there are less obvious signs too--like the budding of the evergreens and the first trill of the tree frogs. But slowly, slowly, we inch towards the warmth.


Anonymous said...

The thought of Spring makes me warm allover!It is the season of love.
Ricki S.

Anonymous said...

Lets get "cracking" and bring on spring!


P. A. Moed said...

That's right, Susan! Time to think of lying on the beach with a glass of iced tea!

And Ricki--you are a romantic at heart!